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Nifty Fifty

by Peter Hansen

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0483Nifty_sm.jpg 0489Nifty_sm.jpg 0495Nifty_sm.jpg 0496Nifty_sm.jpg 0498Nifty_sm.jpg 0499Nifty_sm.jpg 0500Nifty_sm.jpg 0504Nifty_sm.jpg 0505Nifty_sm.jpg 0506Nifty_sm.jpg 0509Nifty_sm.jpg 0514Nifty_sm.jpg 0519Nifty_sm.jpg 0520Nifty_sm.jpg 0523Nifty_sm.jpg 0526Nifty_sm.jpg 0532Nifty_sm.jpg 0537Nifty_sm.jpg 0559Nifty_sm.jpg 0586Nifty_sm.jpg

Showing 21-40 of 150 | Previous 20 Next 20

Nifty 50 is a Canon 50mm F 1.8 lens that has been donated to the Photo forum. This lens gets sent around the world to different members. They should take photos of the area they live and share them online.

These photos are the images I took with this lens.
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